What's a Nationbox? Edit

A Nationbox is a small information area on the right to show you what is your or other's nation about. It doesn't make the reader, read for 20 hours just trying to see if your Catholic or not. This could be annoying at times so this could help you a lot.

What to fill Edit

As a Nation you need to fill the, Title, Native Name, English Name, Flag, Coat of Armies, Anthem, Capital, Religion, Currency, Demonym, Government Ideology, Government Name, Legislature (Upper),

How to fill Edit

When you make the template a new gui will appear, fill in, remember, Image1- Flag Image2-Coat Of Armies Image3- Map, To fill native name just google it or google translate it, doesn't have to be excelent. English name just do the same, Flag, google it on images or wikipadia, Region... Region is kinda hard as you need to cut the recent map and put it on the region area. Anthem. What you do is give the name of the anthem and then put in () the link, Capital, just pick you biggest city if you don't have one. Religion, put first your National Religion and then others remember to put %, (Can guess or google), Languages Just guess (Like america is just French and English) Major only. Government, Monarchy, Fascism, Communist, Socialist, Federal Republic, Representative Republic, Democratic etc. Government name, For example, Fascist= NSDAP Communist= Soviet, etc. Currency, Google it. Demonym, basically means what the person would be called if he was part of your nation, exp Poland- Polish, Germany- German, France- French, Spain, Spanish, China, Chinese etc. Legislature is the government for, House Of Commons (Lower) Senate (Upper) Historical Information, Major plots that happened in your nation.

Example: Kingdom Of France Edit

We can see the example, Kingdom Of France the best as you can quickly get the information about the country, We can get its flag and its coat of armies, We also have a map, (can be present in timeline or can be its greatest extent). As you can see the map should only show the main land, and not its colonies.

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