To sign up for playing "Bellum Orbis Terrarum II" you must sign up using a "Application"

It prefends random join and inactivity among other things

I will list below some recommened items to include in your app.

You Must Include:

The Country You Desire to Play as

Name:(In game name and irl name)

Reasons why you want to be this country

Previous Experience In role play

Other: If you were demoted please make a optional reason why you want it back and things you will do for the community:

Promote people (demoted only) Edit

Country:Castille or Spain

Name:Arshad129 Razon

I want to be in Iberia because I have much past experience here

I was admin of Bellum Orbis Terrarum I and played as a mini builder in France and later CASTILLE

I will Make Bellum Orbis Terrarium Great Again

-Not approved to be promoted but allow to join back in as in rp wise. Sergiusz01 (talk) 19:34, January 24, 2017 (UTC)